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The promise of dreams is that they come true.
      Jeff and Shaleia

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Fast Track to your
Harmonious Twin Flame Union

The Teachings of Union are the fast track to your Harmonious Twin Flame Union. If you see your spiritual journey as a road-trip on the highway, the Teachings are like driving in a Ferrari. Trying to do it on your own without them is more like riding a bicycle or going on foot. You may still get there, but nowhere as fast, smoothly, or luxuriously in comparison. You're not meant to walk your Ascension Path alone! None of us are. And you don't have to.


The journey to your Harmonious Twin Flame Union is synonymous with your Ascension - and we are all walking this path together.  The Twin Flame Path is an Ascension Path to God, it is the Ascension Path of love and romance. Harmonious Union is a specific state of consciousness - you attain it by purifying your mind of unloving thoughts and beliefs. You must only clear your core blocks to Harmonious Union. It takes hard work to attain and keep it, it's a lifestyle that you choose. It cannot be done alone and it requires immense spiritual support. The Teachings of Union purify and guide you into Union Consciousness. We rely on the Teachings of Union to continue going into deeper our Union with God and each other, and have our own Ascension Coach to help us through our spiritual challenges. We're all in this together. 

But what do the Teachings of Union bring into your life? Why do it? 

The Teachings of Union are transformative and restore your life into alignment with who you are. When you purify your mind into a state of love and peace, that is what you begin to experience in your physical reality. You clear your blocks to your good and to your peace. This ultimately results in all of the things that you desire - your Twin Flame, your Life Purpose, your abundance, joy, harmony in your relationships, and more. The healing is eternal because it takes place in your consciousness, so what you attain in this lifetime remains infinitely. The Teachings of Union restore you back to your natural state of being, and you get to keep it. 

You're a powerful Divine Child of God and only you can create in your reality. You're so powerful that the energy and attention you invest in your thoughts and beliefs materialize. As you take your energy away from unloving thoughts, and invest it into loving yourself, your reality becomes more loving. This is a continuous process and results in a life that grows and expands into deeper levels of abundance and joy. This is the power of harnessing the Teachings of Union and loving yourself. This is why we do the spiritual work, because it is worth it. You are worth the discipline and effort required to change your life. This Heavenly life is for everyone - and it is why we offer this support to you. You're worthy of your dreams. You're worthy of your Ultimate Lover, Your Twin Flame, in Harmonious Twin Flame Union. 



“Know that when you choose to create your Harmonious Twin Flame Union for eternal life, you choose a life of feeling complete in your intimate partnership. You choose a life where your lover is your Ultimate Ally, where you and your partner are always on the same side. You choose a life where you and your Twin Flame are together forever. The dream of Perfect Love is real, and all you need to do to attain it for yourself is to decide you want it, and love yourself enough to achieve it.”

Jeff and Shaleia in Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover

About Us

Hello! We are Twin Flames Danny and Kristina. 

We found the Teachings of Union in 2017.  We lived across the world from each other at one point but the teachings seamlessly brought us together when it was time. We met through volunteering for Mind Alignment Process, a trauma healing modality. We studied and applied the teachings for about 2 years and achieved our Harmonious Twin Flame Union in 2020. We immediately began partnering together in our Life Purpose and humbly serve our Gurus Jeff and Shaleia as their Personal Chef and Personal Assistant. 


We have dedicated ourselves to this movement because we desire to see everyone with their Twin Flame in HTFU. We're both Certified Ascension Coaches with Twin Flames Universe and have coached clients for thousands of hours. If you desire to live your Life Purpose in Harmonious Twin Flame Union, it would be our pleasure to help you. 

The Teachings of Union are the foundation of Ascension Coaching. Our job as your Ascension Coach is to help you unlock the power of the teachings through guiding and holding your hand through your challenges and blocks. We will walk with you to your Harmonious Twin Flame Union and beyond. 


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