The life of your dreams is cultivated from within - it is guaranteed this way.

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Welcome! We are Danny and Kristina,

Certified Ascension Coaches,

and Twin Flames in Harmonious Union by following the teachings of Jeff and Shaleia, founders of Twin Flames Universe.

By focusing on our own individual wholeness, happiness and purifying our consciousness by applying the teachings, we attracted each other and met working at the same company.

Now, we are fully partnered in building the life of our wildest dreams - our perfect life with God that honors how we were created. We are passionate about life, love, joy, and freedom - and we are dedicated to sharing the teaching that completely changed our lives and many, many others. We're just getting started.

Whether you are looking for your ultimate lover or true success in your life purpose (or both!) then you're in the right place, and we can help you. You were created to have everything. The promise of dreams is that they come true (quoted by Shaleia herself). Claim your support with us today, you have the power to change your life!


“Know that when you choose to create your Harmonious Twin Flame Union for eternal life, you choose a life of feeling complete in your intimate partnership. You choose a life where your lover is your Ultimate Ally, where you and your partner are always on the same side. You choose a life where you and your Twin Flame are together forever. The dream of Perfect Love is real, and all you need to do to attain it for yourself is to decide you want it, and love yourself enough to achieve it.”

Jeff and Shaleia in Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover