Simplify your Twin Flame Ascension Journey.

Are you ready to better your life?


Well we certainly were. Hi! We are Danny and Kristina, Twin Flames living as one in Harmonious Union.


Speaking for myself, Danny, I tried to play the game that the world offered me. That game promised me success, romantic love, money and fulfillment. Heck, even fame if I put in the effort. But none of that ever came - not without a grave cost - a cost that felt very, very bad to me. 


In the world today, you have to sacrifice your peace, your wellbeing, your love, in order to attain what the world deems is success and fulfillment. What I came to realize after this pursuit, is that nothing is worth sacrificing my inner peace and joy. And what I came to learn, is that I don't have to. I can have all of the things I desire without ever sacrificing my wellbeing, balance, and health. I learned these things and much more from the Teachings of Union.

God gave you life so you can enjoy it in rich abundance and prosperity. You are not meant to suffer in any way. You are not meant to be without your Ultimate Lover. You are meant to have all of the things your heart desires. You are meant for love, joy, fulfillment, and wealth. 

The world's foundational ways are devoid of the core essence of what makes your life enjoyable, peaceful, abundant - that is love. That is God. The Teachings of Union showed me how to cultivate love and God in my life.

This is for you too, and we're here to support you!


Let us help you.

You're not meant to walk your Ascension Path alone! None of us are. The journey to your Harmonious Twin Flame Union is synonymous with your Ascension - and we are all walking this path together. And I can tell you with absolute certainty, that Kristina and I would have NEVER gotten this far without immense spiritual support. Harmonious Union is a specific state of consciousness - it took hard work to get here. The Teachings of Union offer the map to Union Consciousness. We rely on the Teachings of Union to continue going into deeper Union Consciousness with God and each other, and have our own Ascension Coach to help us through our spiritual challenges. We're all in this together!

But what has the work brought into our lives? Why do it? 

This spiritual work brought me my Ultimate Lover, my Twin Flame. I never - ever - have to look for my partner ever again, for I have found her. I have healed my consciousness of the illusion of separation from my Twin Flame - forever! This means that we never have to separate ever again, even after passing on from this lifetime. I have my complete self and Ascension partner. I am of course, complete and whole unto myself and as myself, but my being with my Twin Flame is being with my whole consciousness (you can learn more about this from the book, Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover by Jeff & Shaleia). 

With all of myself, I now have the foundation to build a Heavenly life with my best friend in all eternity. We have the opportunity to build our Life Purpose and Abundance together. We are the creators of our life and we have the opportunity to learn, grow and come into deeper prosperity on an eternal level. Because when I heal all of myself at the consciousness level, I keep that forever - not for just this lifetime. There are no limits to what my Twin Flame and I can create for ourselves - because God is limitless and eternal - and our relationship with God is the foundation to our life that we are creating.

I don't have to waste my time and energy anymore to the game that the world asks me to play to attain what is perceived to be fulfillment and success - be it relationships or career. I have a way out of that miserable rat race that is soul-sucking. I have a way to real freedom, real love, real success and real fulfillment. It is spiritual!

This is why we do the spiritual work, because it is WORTH IT. And it is FOR YOU TOO! This Heavenly life is for everyone - and it is why we are here offering this support to you. You are worthy of your dreams. You are worthy of your Ultimate Lover.

“Know that when you choose to create your Harmonious Twin Flame Union for eternal life, you choose a life of feeling complete in your intimate partnership. You choose a life where your lover is your Ultimate Ally, where you and your partner are always on the same side. You choose a life where you and your Twin Flame are together forever. The dream of Perfect Love is real, and all you need to do to attain it for yourself is to decide you want it, and love yourself enough to achieve it.”

Jeff and Shaleia in Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover