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5 Things I Would Tell My Past-Self Healing Twin Flame Separation

Hello, everyone, and welcome back to our channel! I'm Christina, and today I want to share with you five messages that I would give to my past self during my healing separation journey. These are lessons and insights that can provide faith and reassurance on your Twin Flame journey. While I wouldn't change anything about my journey, I believe these messages can make the process feel a bit more manageable and enlightening. Let's dive right into it. 1. You Are Worthy and Enough The first message I would convey to my past self is this: You are worthy, and you are enough just as you are. It's essential to understand that the reason you're not currently with your Twin Flame is not because you lack worthiness or adequacy. You are lovable, perfect, and deserving of love. Your connection with your Twin Flame is a spiritual journey, an attainment that you reach by aligning your energy with it and healing the blocks that stand in your way. Remember, you are inherently deserving of love, and your harmonious union is already yours. It's about vibrational alignment and remembering this deep truth within yourself. 2. Relax and Enjoy the Journey The second message is about embracing the journey with ease and joy. You don't need to take the Twin Flame Ascension path too seriously. While the goal is to reach harmonious union, happiness is not something reserved solely for that destination. Your happiness is available to you right now. Your Twin Flame won't bring you something you haven't already given to yourself. Find joy, freedom, and bliss in the present moment. Release pressure and expectations about achieving union quickly. Relax and allow your journey to be fun, light, and enjoyable. 3. Focus on Your Life Purpose The next message is to emphasize the importance of focusing on your life purpose. While healing separation, I was often fixated on reuniting with my Twin Flame. However, it's vital to remember that your life purpose is intrinsically linked to your union. Your life purpose is a significant component of your foundation for harmonious union. The energy of your life purpose is magnetic to your Twin Flame and supports your union's stability. By embracing and pursuing your life purpose, you ground your union and create a sense of safety and stability when you eventually reunite. 4. The Dream Does Come True The fourth message is a reminder that your dream of harmonious union does come true. There may be moments of doubt or impatience on this journey, wondering when or if it will ever happen. But maintain faith and trust in the process. When you don't give up, when you continue your inner work, you will reach your desired destination. Believe in the dream and remember that you can't fail as long as you persist. Take it one step at a time, knowing that your reunion awaits. 5. Embrace the Teachings of Union The final message is to fully and completely embrace the teachings of Union. It's essential to claim and follow the guidance of spiritual teachers, like Jeff and Shalia, who offer valuable insights into the Twin Flame journey. Surrender to the teachings, humble yourself, and invest in the resources that can support your growth. When you release resistance to these teachings and incorporate them into your journey, you experience more significant transformation and miracles. They are guiding you toward your desired outcome, and by following their guidance, you align with the path that leads to harmonious union. Conclusion On the Twin Flame journey, healing separation can be challenging, but it's also a profound opportunity for growth and self-discovery. These five messages offer guidance and encouragement to anyone navigating this path. Remember that you are worthy, that happiness is available now, and that your life purpose is instrumental in your journey. Trust that your dream of harmonious union will come true, and don't hesitate to embrace the teachings of Union to expedite your progress. Stay committed, have faith, and take one step at a time. Your Twin Flame journey is a unique and transformative experience, and you are not alone on this path. If you found this video helpful, please like and subscribe to our channel. For more information about the work we do, check out the links in the description below. Thank you for watching, and may your journey be filled with love and light.

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