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💫🌹 Attracting your Twin Flame 🌹💫

The Teachings of Union teach you how to attract your Twin Flame through self-love. This may seem counter-productive in a society where we’re taught to do the complete opposite, where we’re taught to pursue and focus on the person that we’re interested in. That we might lose them if we stop focusing on them and giving them attention. But this absolutely will not work with your Twin Flame. The opposite is true, you must focus and pay attention to yourself to keep them around. Above anything your Twin Flame desires for you to focus on yourself and pay attention to yourself. Loving yourself means paying attention to yourself,” - Jeff and Shaleia’s Twin Flame Meditation CD. Your Twin Flame relationship functions from a completely different set of rules, and this is what the Teachings of Union teach you.

Your Twin Flame is your Divine Mirror, they reflect back to you the relationship that you have with yourself and with the Divine. If you’re feeling lack or unfulfilled, your Twin Flame will reflect this vibration back to you by showing perhaps a lack of love or fulfillment towards you, amplifying what is already happening within you. When you’re loving yourself and filling yourself up, your Twin Flame mirrors the love that you’re giving to yourself back to you. As your Divine Mirror, your Twin Flame’s primary purpose in your life is to awaken you and assist you in your Ascension. They show you where you need love, so you can love yourself and experience love in that place.

Your Twin Flame is highly attracted and magnetized to you when you love yourself. The Divine is the source of your love, which allows you to truly romance and love yourself in the way that you desire from your Twin Flame. This makes you completely irresistible to your Twin Flame.

I HIGHLY recommend the Romance Attraction E-course by Jeff and Shaleia for this. This course is incredibly powerful and teaches you everything you need to know about romancing yourself and cultivating a life full of romance with yourself! You must attract your Twin Flame, not chase, and this course supports you in becoming highly attractive by aligning with the vibration of Divine Romance.

Most of all, you attract your Twin Flame by knowing that you don’t need them. I know, this probably sounds quite radical. But the truth is that the vibration and energy of needing something, repels that thing. Because all you need is God, and your own love. You don't need your Twin Flame to have a romantic and fulfilling life, you need only the choice to experience it for yourself. 💖

To go deeper in cultivating romance and self-love, visit to access the Romance Attraction E-course and attract your Twin Flame.

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