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Divine Feminine Card Reading: Embracing Love and Union

Hello, beloved Twin Flames! Welcome back to the channel. Today, we embark on a journey of insight as we explore a card reading specifically tailored for the Divine Feminine. Using the Psychic Tarot of the Heart by John Holland, three cards have been drawn to illuminate the energies surrounding the divine feminine at this moment. Let's delve into the guidance revealed by these cards.

Card 1: Listen (Number 2)

The first card, "Listen," speaks to the Divine Feminine's journey of deepening intuition and self-awareness. It signifies a profound connection with one's inner self and an openness to receiving support and guidance from spiritual realms. The Divine Feminine is encouraged to trust the quiet whispers of love, distinguishing them from the loud voices of fear. This card suggests a harmonious partnership with the Divine, fostering a peaceful and loving journey.

Card 2: Love Abounds (Number 1)

The second card, "Love Abounds," radiates energies of union and oneness. Represented by the number 1, it symbolizes a deepening connection with the Divine and an expansion of love in various aspects of life. The Divine Feminine is urged to embrace this period of love expansion but to navigate it with self-care and mindfulness. This card encourages the infusion of peace and harmony into every facet of life while acknowledging the potential challenges that come with growth.

Card 3: Spread Your Wings (Number 2)

The third card, "Spread Your Wings," echoes the theme of partnership with the Divine, as emphasized by the recurrence of the number 2. This card signifies a time of self-expression and authenticity. The Divine Feminine is encouraged to be true to herself, to showcase her growth, and to step into her full potential. It's a reminder that the Divine supports and guides her to take leaps of faith, assuring her that she is prepared and ready for the next chapter in her journey.


In conclusion, this card reading for the Divine Feminine emphasizes a profound connection with the Divine, an expansion of love, and the encouragement to spread one's wings and embrace authenticity. The energies of partnership and union are prevalent, guiding the Divine Feminine through a transformative and self-affirming journey.

I invite you to share your reflections on this reading and how it resonates with your current journey. Thank you for joining, and until our next exploration, stay blessed on your twin flame journey. Bye for now!

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