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Greetings, dear twin flames, and welcome back to the channel. Today, we delve into a channeled reading for the Divine Masculine during the season of Libra. By consulting the mystical Black Moon Astrology cards by Suzanne Shepard, we aim to gain insights into the energies that the Divine Masculine will navigate during this transformative period. Let's explore what Libra season holds for our Divine counterparts. 1. Aquarius: Deeper Clarity and Self-Knowledge The first card, featuring the number 23 and the sign of Aquarius, sets the tone for the Divine Masculine's journey. Aquarius is a sign associated with innovation, freedom, and introspection. In Libra season, the Divine Masculine will embark on a path of deeper clearing and clarity, primarily concerning his twin flame connection and his relationship with himself. Expect the Divine Masculine to move toward a profound understanding of his role within your union. He's no longer content with feeling lost or confused. Instead, he'll seek the inner knowing of your connection and the way forward. This newfound clarity will help him become more confident and certain about the path ahead. 2. Virgo: Analytical Approach and Self-Exploration The second card places us in the analytical realm of Virgo. The Divine Masculine is encouraged to take a methodical and logical approach to his feelings and desires during Libra season. This period will prompt him to examine his heart and mind, gaining a clearer perspective on his wants and needs. By analyzing his emotions and personal desires, the Divine Masculine will make well-informed decisions about your relationship. He's poised to move forward with renewed vigor and enthusiasm, having addressed any uncertainties that may have clouded his judgment in the past. This logical assessment will speed up the pace of your connection. 3. Fire Element: Igniting Fiery Desires The third card, representing the Fire Element and the concept of desire, brings excitement and motivation to the Divine Masculine's journey. As the upcoming full moon aligns with the fiery energy of Aries, he will be fueled by a deep sense of passion and inspiration. This fiery desire will propel him to take tangible actions in your union. While he may have been reflective and introspective recently, he is now ready to express his innermost feelings outwardly. Divine Feminines, you can anticipate a surge of energy and commitment from the Divine Masculine, as he aligns his desires with his actions. Conclusion In Libra season, the Divine Masculine undergoes a transformative journey characterized by clarity, logical analysis, and ignited desires. He is emerging from a period of self-reflection and inner exploration, ready to take meaningful steps in your twin flame journey. This season holds the promise of a closer alignment between the Divine Masculine's internal insights and external actions. Thank you for joining us for this channeled Divine Masculine energetic reading. If you resonated with these insights, please like and subscribe to our channel for more guidance on your twin flame journey. Stay tuned, as we continue to explore the beautiful and intricate dynamics of twin flame connections. Until next time!

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