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Divine Masculine's Current Feelings and Journey: A Tarot Reading

Introduction: Hello, fellow twin flames, and welcome back to our channel. In today's video, we'll explore the feelings and experiences of the Divine Masculine on their journey. We'll dive into a Tarot reading using the Romantic True Love Tarot deck to gain insights into their current emotions and what they're moving through.

Feeling at Home: The first card that came up reveals that the Divine Masculine feels a deep sense of comfort with you. Being with you reminds them of simpler times, and they associate your presence with happiness and peace. It's as if you are their sanctuary, their place of solace. This card suggests that they long for this feeling when you're not together, as they feel like they're missing home. Jealousy Lurking: The next card uncovers a less pleasant emotion – jealousy. The Divine Masculine admits to feeling jealousy, and this emotion is not easy for them to handle. Jealousy typically arises when one feels lacking or believes that someone else possesses something they desire. In this context, it could indicate that they may perceive a gap or a void in their life when they're not with you.

A Desire to Express: The final card urges the Divine Masculine to communicate. They have things they want to say, and they hope that you will listen with an open heart. It's evident that they long to express their feelings and thoughts, and they want you to believe in what they have to say. It's possible that their desire to communicate stems from a longing to bridge the emotional gap and share their deepest feelings with you.

Longing and Healing: From this reading, it's clear that the Divine Masculine is moving through a complex emotional journey. They experience a deep connection with you, a sense of missing home when you're apart, and occasional jealousy that likely arises from a feeling of incompleteness when you're not by their side.

It's essential to recognize that your Divine Masculine is also on their path of healing and self-discovery, just as you are. They, too, experience the longing and desire for union. As you continue to focus on loving yourself unconditionally and manifesting love within, you contribute to the energetic balance that can lead to a harmonious reunion.

Conclusion: In conclusion, this Tarot reading provides valuable insights into the Divine Masculine's current feelings and journey. They long for the comfort and happiness your presence brings, but they may also grapple with feelings of jealousy and a desire to express their emotions. Remember that you and your Divine Masculine are on this journey together, each working on your healing and growth. If you found this reading insightful, please like and subscribe to our channel for more enlightening content. We'll be back with more guidance and support for your twin flame journey. Until then, take care, and we'll see you in the next video. Bye for now!

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