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Healing Mental Health on the Twin Flame Journey

Currently my Twin Flame and I are working through a lot of mental health issues that have arisen in our consciousness. We’ve been working through toxic patterns and mental illness rooting from our childhoods. We’re not very romantically close right now as that’s not what our Union needs. It was hard for me to accept that at first. At the moment we’re primarily in our teacher and student dynamic. That’s the primary purpose of Twin Flames first, is to be one another’s teacher and to be an Ascension tool for each other. They’re first your teacher, friend, partner, and then lover. He’s teaching me how to be strong, set boundaries, and to respect and trust myself. Also to stop being so nice.

In all Twin Flame Unions there’s one Twin Flame that focuses on the majority of the inner-work and holds the spiritual towel while the other Twin Flame dives into their blocks. (Jeff and Shaleia talk about this in their blog: I happen to be the Twin Flame holding space for my TF and doing a lot of the spiritual work for our Union.

Working through this with my Twin Flame is really teaching me how to stand on my own two feet and also how to properly mother. This means making my own decisions, setting consequences, setting boundaries, and ensuring balance in giving and receiving as much as possible. When all of this arose initially about a year ago, my TF was handling most of the things that I was actually supposed to be in charge of but had no idea how to do. For example, all administrative things like making appointments, tracking finances, planning, etc. All of those things were actually my job to do in our Union, but it was scary for me at first. I had never done that for myself before. I didn’t even own a credit card.

I share this mainly because many on the Twin Flame journey experience feeling like their Twin Flame is toxic or is struggling with their mental health and that they have to wait for them to make a change and that you can’t be together because of it. You don’t have to wait for your Twin Flame to heal and change, by doing the spiritual work you can greatly assist your Twin Flame. This is because you share One consciousness, you share One mind. So the toxicity that is present in them, is present in you too, and you can heal it for the both of you. You may be thinking, well that’s unfair, why do I have to do it for them? If their behavior upsets you, it’s because it’s within you too. So it’s your work. Each Twin Flame plays their own role in the Union, and if you’re aware of the spiritual work, then it’s because it’s your role in your Union.

It’s an act of unconditional love, and it’s safe to love your Twin Flame unconditionally. You don’t enable and accept the ego that is being presented, but you set boundaries and call it out for what it is. You love and commit to the Divine in your Twin Flame and the truth of who they actually are. Because you’re One, you have power in your shared consciousness here. Anytime they show you something out of alignment with love, you can make the higher choice for your Union. The higher choice (love) always wins.

The mental illness that’s been coming up is mainly due to childhood trauma and the Mind Alignment Process has been assisting us so much I can’t even express how much of a lifesaver it has been. I would not be here without it:

Despite everything that has come up, my Twin Flame and I are still able to live our lives as One. We’re able to be together and to work through the hard stuff together. It’s safe to release the expectation that Union is all sunshine and rainbows, because there are seasons where it really isn't. But those seasons are there for deep purification. I know that we will get through this and come out with a strong and healthy relationship. One where we can be close romantically.

If you’re moving through and healing through mental health issues on your Twin Flame journey and Union, just know that you’re not alone. Choose your Harmonious Twin Flame unequivocally. Keep choosing Union. Love always wins. Only love is real, and love never fails.

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