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How To Claim your Divine Feminine Power in your Twin Flame Union

Boundaries. LOTS of boundaries!

“A boundary is not a bad or evil thing. It is a loving thing and guidance and direction into what makes a real relationship with your TF a healthy one, rather than the same one where you give and give and give but are being taken advantage of because you feel you need something from them (companionship, intimacy, etc). So then you end up settling and are never happy and he gets what he thinks he wants which is the honey” excerpt from Shaleia Divine.

Oftentimes Divine Feminines accept or allow mistreatment from their Twin Flame because they don’t see their own power in their Union. Maybe they don’t even see the mistreatment. I know for me personally, I didn’t notice it for a while. Maybe your Twin Flame lies to you, doesn’t follow through with commitments, disrespects you, puts you down, etc. Under no circumstance do you ever deserve any kind of unloving behavior, Twin Flame or not. And if you do notice it, you may feel unworthy of being loved here, there may be a fear of ruining the relationship with the Divine Masculine, or being abandoned by them by setting a boundary and speaking up for yourself. You are not responsible for the choices or actions of another, you’re responsible only for yourself.

Truthfully, it’s not worth being mistreated just to have someone else around. “I see too many DFs get used and accept poor or toxic behaviors by their DM because they are not seeing and honoring their power in the relationship. Let me be clear, you do not need your TF to live a happy and free life. And the many of the DM’s I’ve ever known and met in my time here on Earth will smell that belief in you and will more than likely take advantage of you,” excerpt by Shaleia Divine. Putting up with mistreatment only takes from you and does not result in happiness. The happiness, joy, bliss, and freedom that you desire is found in your Source, God. The truth is that you’re not alone, and God is your Ultimate Lover. You don’t ever lose anything by loving and putting yourself first. You receive everything.

Your Twin Flame Union is built on the spiritual prioritization of first God, you, then your Twin Flame. Putting God first means honoring God, which means honoring yourself and loving yourself. God is Love, God does not ask that you experience suffering in order to feel loved. This also means that your Union is built on the sturdy foundation of your relationship with God, so it doesn’t matter what your Twin Flame says or what they think or how they react. “Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God,” A Course in Miracles. The only thing that is destroyed in this process is the ego and illusion. Love is real, it is eternal, and nothing can destroy it. Your Twin Flame Union is indestructible.

Release attachment to your Twin Flame and what you feel you get from keeping them around even if they’re not treating you properly. When you identify what it is, choose to give it to yourself with God and love yourself there. God is your Source.

You claim your power by setting boundaries because you take command over your own reality and how you choose to be treated. “You don’t have to be a victim in your life. You choose how people treat you based on your boundaries,” Shaleia Divine. Your Twin Flame either has to change, or experience the consequences of not loving you. Your Twin Flame wants to be with you as much as you want to be with them, so they’ll work through it. Your Twin Flame is One with you. As you choose to change here by setting boundaries, loving yourself in these areas, and focusing on your healing, so too will they change. It starts with you claiming your power with boundaries, reaffirming your worth, and your value.

It is safe to set boundaries. It is safe to respect yourself.

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