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How Your Fear of Being Alone Sabotages Your Twin Flame Union

Hi Twin Flames! Welcome back to our blog. My name is Kristina and I'm a Certified Ascension Coach with Twin Flames Universe. Today I'm going to share with you the main reason that your Twin Flame is either with a karmic partner or simply just choosing not to be with you.

The reason why your Twin Flame is choosing not to be with you is because you are choosing to not be with yourself because you are afraid to be alone. You are afraid to enjoy your life with yourself because you fear that if you do this then you will be alone forever and never be with your Twin Flame. That is the story that we are sold in society with soul mates is that we have to focus on the other person, we have to focus on pursuing someone, we have to go out there and basically do anything but focus on ourselves or we will be alone forever. There's this fear of being alone but this is completely not the case with your Twin Flame and this dynamic is actually what is keeping your Twin Flame away from being with you and this is because your Twin Flame is you, they're not separate from you. They are your Divine Mirror, they're your own soul, and so if you are afraid of being with yourself, then your Twin Flame is mirroring that fear by not being with you.

The solution is very quite easy and simple if you know this dynamic, and the solution is just to work through your fear of being “alone”. The reason I use quotation marks is because the truth is that you're not alone, it's not possible because your Twin Flame is One with you and the Divine is always with you and so being alone is an illusion to begin with. It's by embracing this truth that you're not actually alone and by cultivating a life of joy and happiness and abundance with yourself and with your life and with God that your Twin Flame is completely magnetized and attracted to you and mirrors this choice to you of being with yourself. If you think about it, your Twin Flame is you so if you're not choosing to be with yourself how would your Twin Flame choose to be with you? So it's by completely letting go of this fear and just choosing to enjoy your life with yourself that your Twin Flame can be with you.

There's absolutely nothing to be afraid of. It's completely safe to focus on yourself and to be with yourself. Your Twin Flame is just showing you that he can't fulfill this void, like this need that you have. That's something that you have to give to yourself and when you give that to yourself your Twin Flame can give it to you by just mirroring and reflecting that back to you.

One of the biggest things here too is knowing that it's safe to face the fear. It's safe to go within yourself and ask yourself why you're afraid and it's not by avoiding the fear or suppressing it or not looking at it that it goes away, but by looking at it. It's not going to come true by looking at it, this always happens when we're afraid of something, we're scared to look at it because we think that if we look at it it's going to come true but it's actually the opposite because when you hold on to fear you're giving it power. That’s what manifests it, but if you are taking your power back from the fear and choose to not be afraid then you can't possibly manifest that reality for yourself. Your reality is just a reflection of your vibration and what you're choosing and so by choosing to let go of it you're not gonna manifest the situation of being alone and not being with your Twin Flame, especially if in your heart you choose to be with your twin flame, that's what you're going to experience.

It’s about trusting and relying on the power of your choice, knowing that if you're choosing to be with your Twin Flame in this lifetime then that is what you're going to experience. All you have to do is work through your blocks and upsets and purify the fears in your consciousness.

The solution here is really simple: just choose to let go of the fear of being with yourself and build a beautiful life with yourself where you follow your passions, you do what makes you happy, you focus on yourself, you focus on your healing and your relationship with yourself and with the Divine because that is what your Twin Flame is going to mirror to you. The primary relationship that you're having is the one with yourself and with the Divine, not with your Twin Flame. Your Twin Flame is not the primary and so by focusing on yourself you are actually focusing on your Twin Flame in the way that you need to be to have your Ynion. It may be easier said than done, but it does get easier and the moment that you completely let go of this lack, of this need to have them to be with you, that is exactly when they come.

I hope that this helps you and gives you your next steps on your Twin Flame Journey, if you desire more support for more information and resources I have all of that linked on our website. See you in the next one :)

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