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Overcoming Loneliness On Your Twin Flame Journey

If you’re experiencing feeling lonely on your Twin Flame journey, you’re not alone. You’ve come to the right place. 💖

I invite you to take a moment to close your eyes. Be present with yourself and give yourself a big hug. Give yourself your presence and comfort. When you’re ready, you can open your eyes and continue reading.

Many on the Twin Flame journey experience feeling loneliness at some point on their journey which can come from feeling misunderstood by others or isolated.

Loneliness is just another feeling to move through and a place to heal. Shaleia shares the truth about loneliness in a Twin Flame Ascension School class. She shares that loneliness is an illusion. God is Omnipresent, He is always there in all things. How could you truly be alone when God is One with you and always there? This feeling of loneliness that arises is a place to claim your Oneness with God and to fill your heart with the presence and company that you desire.

On your healing journey you are continuously going deeper into your spiritual independence and in your relationship with yourself and the Divine. Naturally all codependency arises to the surface and comes up to be healed. So when we feel lonely, it’s really an invitation to claim God as our Source. It can feel tempting to reach out to someone for a sense of company or familiarity, but that loneliness arising in your heart is a space that can only be filled by your own love. Don’t suppress the feeling, but allow it to come up and release it. As you release it, love yourself. Comfort yourself, what would make you feel better?

Nurture your heart and give yourself the presence that makes you feel warmed and comforted. You can give this to yourself within with the Mirror Exercise. Also support yourself externally. What kind of music and activity comforts you? For me, as I write this, I’m drinking some warm green tea, burning incense, eating some cheese and crackers, and playing Norah Jones instrumental music. I’m feeling through my feelings and sharing with you the exact things I need to hear. I’m giving myself that presence, that space to feel, and that channel to express myself.

You’re certainly not alone, and never alone in feeling this way. It’s ok. Give yourself permission to feel how you feel and accept yourself completely. Giving yourself the love that you need here is important.

You’re loved dearly and you’re One with your Creator and all of Creation. This too shall pass.

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Thank you and God bless,


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