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The MAP Health and Wellness Program

This is a testimonial for MAP’s Health and Wellness Program. My Twin Flame and I started the program last June, almost a year ago. And since then, it’s completely transformed my life! I know I still have a lot of work to do, but the results it’s already rendered are truly amazing! You really won’t find this kind of support anywhere else.

In the last year with the guidance and support of Mind Alignment Process Inc. and Chrissy Emerick I’ve:

✅ Healed depression

✅ Nearly doubled my income

✅ Stopped accruing debt and started paying off debt

✅ Upgraded to a new car

✅ Transformed my home into a loving and supportive space

✅ Upgraded to a new phone

✅ Created and sustained a daily schedule

✅ Learned how to set healthy boundaries

The MAP Health and Wellness program takes a very grounded and practical approach to cultivating health and wellness. It provides you with honest and reasonable steps and changes that you can make daily. It also helps you heal and change your patterns and habits at the core by getting clear on why you’re making certain unhealthy choices or decisions (what you think you’re getting from them). By doing this, your MAP Practitioner is taking you to the root of the imbalances in your life which results in sustainable and permanent change. You don’t fall back on your habits or choices because you’ve already healed the core, it only requires that you continue to choose your new healed state.

The changes and habits that we started implementing into our lives this past year are: Waking up right when our alarms go off, having a morning and nighttime routine, eating 3 meals at the same time everyday, tracking our finances and creating a monthly budget, exercising daily, setting boundaries in relationships and releasing unhealthy ones, taking care of ourselves so our full cups pour into our work, and getting a part time job. All of these things are basic, but they’ve built a strong foundation for us to continue to grow from. I continue to refine in my self-care and grow in my energy levels. I learned from MAP that it’s the daily habits and the daily grind that creates real results. I’m so much happier and supported in my life since we started.

I highly recommend this program to anyone that would like to improve wellness in any area of life - relationships, finances, physical health, mental wellness, and healing addictions.

Special thank you to my Guru Jeff and Shaleia Divine and to my Ascension Coach/MAP Practitioner Chrissy Emerick for their unconditional love and support. Jeff Divine and Shaleia Clare Divine all of this is because of you and the support system you’ve created. Thank you so much for always guiding and shaping me and showing me The Way to a good life.

For more information on MAP or the Health and Wellness Program, visit

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