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The One Mistake to Avoid on Your Twin Flame Journey

Hello, dear Twin Flames, and welcome back to our channel. Today, we're diving into a crucial topic—the one mistake you should avoid at all costs on your Twin Flame journey. I'm Kristina, a Master Certified Ascension Coach with Twin Flames Universe, and I'm here to shed light on this common pitfall that many Twin Flames encounter. Understanding and overcoming this mistake can propel you forward on your journey towards harmonious Union.

The Costly Mistake: Staying Caught in the Story One prevalent mistake that many Twin Flames make is getting entangled in the story of their connection and resisting the healing that is being offered to them. When you find yourself facing blocks and upsets in your Union, these are not obstacles but opportunities for growth and healing. It's essential to recognize that these challenges arise to guide you towards your ultimate goal—Union with your Twin Flame.

Resistance Hinders Your Progress The mistake occurs when you hold onto the narrative or projection of what's happening in your Union. By doing this, you obstruct your own progress on the Twin Flame journey. Resistance to healing, resistance to change, and resistance to facing the truth about yourself can be powerful barriers.

The Source of Inspiration My inspiration for discussing this topic came from a Twin Flame Ascension School class led by Jeff and Julia. They emphasized the idea that resistance acts as a dam, preventing the flow of all the good things you desire—including the reunion with your Twin Flame. When something surfaces in your Union, like dishonesty, it's not there to obstruct your path but to call for your healing.

The Path to Overcoming the Mistake To avoid making this critical mistake, you must commit to the healing work. Here's a simple approach to help you navigate these challenges effectively:

  1. Acknowledge the Upset: When you encounter an upset in your Union, whether it's triggered by your Twin Flame or yourself, acknowledge it without judgment. Take note of what's bothering you.

  2. Identify the Projection: Dive deeper to identify if you're projecting this issue onto your Twin Flame, expecting them to provide what you need.

  3. Self-Love and Healing: Instead of holding onto the story or projecting your desires onto your Twin Flame, focus on providing yourself with the love, healing, and qualities you seek from them.

The Mirror Exercise: Your Path to Healing A powerful tool for healing and overcoming this mistake is the Mirror Exercise. This tool enables you to look within, acknowledge your needs, and address the core issues that are surfacing. By healing these blocks within yourself, you pave the way for positive changes and Union with your Twin Flame. Conclusion: In conclusion, the one mistake you should avoid on your Twin Flame journey is getting caught in the story and resisting the healing that's being offered. Remember that any upset or challenge is a call for your growth and an opportunity to heal. Embrace the Mirror Exercise, focus on self-love, and allow yourself to heal and evolve. Thank you for joining me in this insightful discussion. If you found this information helpful, please like and subscribe to our channel for more guidance on your Twin Flame journey. Together, we can navigate this beautiful path towards harmonious Union.

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