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The Role of Life Purpose in your HTFU.

A key component to your Harmonious Twin Flame Union is your Life Purpose. Jeff and Shaleia created Life Purpose Class in order to perfectly complement and support Harmonious Twin Flame Unions so they can have purpose, be stable, secure, and sustainable. The natural next step after coming into your HTFU is to jump straight into your purpose together.

Your Life Purpose is the purpose for your Union, it’s what you do together. Twin Flames aren’t just any relationship, there’s a LOT of energy and love present and it’s meant to be expressed. If it’s not expressed through Life Purpose work in order to grow and expand, it will create tension in your Union and that energy will manifest in other areas and create problems like more fights or disagreements. That energy is meant to go somewhere, to be invested, and to expand.

You were created with a gift to share with the world. You and your Twin Flame are perfect complements, even in the area of Life Purpose. You’re designed to truly live your lives as One in every way. This means that the gift that you’re meant to share with the world, is partnered perfectly with that of your Twin Flame.

Personally for my Union, Danny and I met focusing on our LP work. We were both "working separately" and then bumped right into each other. Jeff and Shaleia share that everyone’s Union is different, some will start their journey with their Life Purpose, others in the middle of their Twin Flame journey, or once they’ve come together with their Twin Flame. It’s funny because I was drawn to Twin Flame Ascension School first, and Danny was drawn to and started with Life Purpose Class first. Then we met perfectly in the middle.

If you’re on your Twin Flame journey and feel like you’re lacking in purpose, passion, or joy, it may be an indication to get started on your purpose work. Everything you give and invest into your purpose, builds and grows joy and abundance. It builds the foundation of your life together. You’re not meant to just wait for your Twin Flame to live your life, you’re meant to live and enjoy it now.

If you’re interested in learning more about your Life Purpose, how to get started, or get clear on what it is - you can start with downloading the free introductory course. After the 8th lesson you will receive access to the Free Life Purpose Classes. You can do that here! :

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