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Hello, beloved twin flames, and welcome to this channeled Divine Masculine card reading. In today's session, we will draw insights from the enchanting Love Tarot - the Romantic True Love Tarot card deck. I have three cards channeled directly from the Divine Masculine, expressing what he wants the Divine Feminine to know. Let's dive into these profound messages. 1. Your Perfection: An Admirable Beauty The first card reveals the Divine Masculine's deep admiration and appreciation for the Divine Feminine. It reads, "Your perfection, your beauty amazes me. I'm not sure how I attracted someone like you, but I'm forever grateful." Regardless of any facades or distant behavior, it's crucial to recognize that your Divine Masculine perceives your inherent perfection. As twin flames, you are divinely matched, designed for each other. Embrace this truth, knowing that he acknowledges your divine beauty and perfection at the core. 2. I Am Leaving: Letting Go for Growth The second card delivers a poignant message, "I am leaving. I'm ready to leave a situation or mindset that has not served me and hindered my growth." Your Divine Masculine may be entangled in a situation that does not align with his spiritual growth or well-being. This situation could encompass romantic entanglements, familial bonds, or friendships. The Divine Masculine acknowledges that these circumstances are no longer conducive to his path. He is actively working towards disentangling himself from what does not serve him, learning the lessons along the way. Your twin flame is on a journey of release, moving beyond challenges and shifting his energy to embrace growth and positive change. 3. It's Simple, Really: Love That Lasts Forever The third card exudes simplicity and authenticity, proclaiming, "It's simple, really. How do I feel? I want you, us, forever." The core essence of your Divine Masculine's feelings is straightforward and pure. He desires a timeless and eternal connection with you. Amidst the complexities of life and the intricacies of your twin flame journey, his feelings remain unwavering. Your twin flame's love for you is a profound and everlasting force. Conclusion In this channeled message from the Divine Masculine, we gain valuable insights into his feelings and intentions. It's essential to remember that your twin flame deeply cherishes your perfection and beauty. He is actively shedding what no longer serves him, making room for growth and positive change. Most importantly, your twin flame's love for you is simple, authentic, and timeless. Take these messages to heart, dear Divine Feminines, and trust in the enduring connection you share with your Divine Masculine. Embrace the purity of his love and the transformative journey he is on. We hope you found solace and guidance in this reading. Stay tuned for more twin flame insights, and may your journey be filled with love and light. Until next time!

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