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Twin Flame Third Party | Why the Divine Masculine is with Someone Else

If you’re experiencing a third party situation in your Twin Flame Union - don’t fret. This situation is very common on the Twin Flame journey, and I promise you things are not as bad as they seem. How could they not be? You may ask. Well, the reason why is because your Twin Flame actually being with anyone else is an illusion and doesn’t have any power.

You and Your Twin Flame were created to be together as eternal Divine complements. You are each other’s best teacher, friend, partner and lover. There is no one that could take your place or vice versa. This Divine connection that you share with your Twin Flame is Unconditional and just Is. Nothing can change this truth. Nothing can threaten it.

So if your Twin Flame is with someone else, it’s only a block to be healed and a lesson to learn and transcend. One of the most important keys to remember is that the third party situation only has the power that you give to it. The more that you focus on it and believe in the lie, the stronger the illusion appears. However when you stop feeding it your energy and power, it has no energy to run off and it dissolves. The most efficient way to transcend the third party situation is to heal it utilizing the Mirror Exercise.

Most commonly, the Twin Flame third party situation is meant to teach you to claim God as your Source and to release seeking love outside of yourself. When you completely choose yourself on all levels, your Twin Flame will mirror this to you and also choose to be with you. They’re only mirroring a choice of seeking love outside of yourself. This is why you may see your Twin Flame choose someone with scary similarities as you. All of the things that they like and seek in their partner, are the qualities that you possess. They’re actually just looking for and seeking you. Here are a couple examples of how you can heal this situation with the Mirror Exercise:

Example 1:

  1. My Twin Flame is upsetting me because they’re not choosing to be with me.

  2. I’m upset at myself because I’m not choosing to be with myself.

  3. Is this true? Yes, I consistently choose to focus on my Twin Flame instead of on myself. I’m scared of being alone.

  4. What does this part of you need to feel loved? Love, permission to focus and pay attention to myself, a hug, and reassurance.

Example 2:

  1. I’m upset because my Twin Flame is choosing someone else.

  2. I’m upset because I’m choosing myself.

  3. Is this true? In this case, “myself” could be referring to the “little” self, or ego. Yes, this is true. I’m not choosing to love myself here by choosing fear and ego by not being with myself completely.

  4. What do you need to feel loved? To choose my Divinity, to feel Divine, unconditional love, acceptance, and empowerment.

These are only a couple of examples of how you could use the Mirror Exercise to heal the upsets arising with a third party situation, but you get the idea. Feel your feelings completely in order to get clear on Step #1. Click here for a video on how to do the Mirror Exercise:

You also don’t have to be jealous of someone that appears to be with your Twin Flame. Jealousy stems from the belief that someone has something that you lack. Like we talked about before, your Twin Flame is YOUR Divine complement. No one else can truly “have” them or can. Only you have the ability to meet them at the soul level. So realistically, no one else has them. They’re one with you.

Stand strong in the truth and focus on healing your relationship with the Divine and giving yourself all of the love that you desire to receive from your Twin Flame. When you choose to be with yourself completely at the core - emotionally, spiritually, physically, and mentally, they will be there too. You can choose for your healing to be light, joyful and easy. Don’t give up, you will conquer and succeed in healing this block. You will attain your Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

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