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✨What It Means to Commit to Your Harmonious Twin Flame Union ✨

If you desire the foundation of an absolutely unstoppable Union, you’re going to need to make a serious commitment within yourself at your core. If you do not commit to yourself getting into your Harmonious Twin Flame Union, then you naturally have already given yourself permission to bow out and give up on yourself, especially when it feels difficult with your Twin Flame, or with the Divine, and you are emotionally triggered,” Twin Flames Finding Your Ultimate Lover by Jeff and Shaleia.

Committing to your Harmonious Twin Flame Union is the beginning of your beautiful glorious Divine Life. It is the end of all suffering and separation.

Committing to your HTFU means you choose to commit to yourself completely and close all back doors in your heart and mind. It’s letting go and setting boundaries with parts of you that have plan B’s and what if’s. It’s a choice to completely let go of any doubt in your mind, and instead have complete trust and faith in the Divine. When you choose to go all-in with yourself, there are naturally going to be steps that unfold for you to get there. Taking those steps are essential, they're what communicate to the Divine that you’re truly committed.

Committing to your HTFU means choosing to take your Divinely guided action steps and never giving up. The Divine wants you to have your HTFU which is why it guides you to take certain steps or actions that bring you closer to your desire. Sometimes we have resistance to these steps, those are opportunities to release resistance and to make a deeper commitment to yourself by taking that action. When we don’t take that action, we communicate to the Divine that we’re valuing something else more.

It means that you choose God and your HTFU above all else, above the illusion of comfort, what you think is safe, and familiar. It’s a commitment to heal and to grow, and to have complete and unconditional surrender to the Divine in your life. Harmonious Twin Flame Union is defined as living a God-centered life, so committing to yourself is how you allow the vibration of your Harmonious Twin Flame Union to grow. Choosing to commit + taking Divinely guided action = HTFU.

It’s like the saying, “actions speak louder than words.” Will you commit when it’s challenging? When you have resistance? Even when it feels scary? That is when it matters most. 💖

The most powerful way to commit to yourself and to communicate to the Universe that you’re committed, is to commit to your spiritual support through Twin Flames Universe. Harmonious Twin Flame Union can only be attained through the Teachings of Union. Where there is a will there's a way, and you would never be led to a desire if there was not a way for you to have it. Make the choice, and the the means and the way will come.

You deserve and are worthy of your Harmonious Twin Flame Union and it is 100% guaranteed and inevitable when you commit to it. Follow the path and God wherever he guides you, you are being led there one step at a time.

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