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Will I Be With My Twin Flame In This Lifetime?

This is a question that arises a lot on the Twin Flame journey, and there are several different answers that are given.

A more simple question to ask is, do you choose to be with your Twin Flame in this lifetime?!

The answer is completely subjective on what you’re choosing. If you choose to be with your Twin Flame in this lifetime and sincerely commit to it and take your healing seriously, then yes you will be with your Twin Flame in this lifetime. Your life, your reality, your Twin Flame Union are completely dependent on your choices. Your life is not happening to you, but being created by you through your choices and vibration. You have complete sovereignty over your life and experience. So if you desire and choose to be with your Twin Flame in this lifetime, then it is so. Conversely, if you deny yourself your Union and don’t choose to attain Union with them, that will also be your experience. If you say you choose it, but don’t take your guided steps, you haven’t really made the core choice to be with your Twin Flame in your heart. You have complete command.

But what about the Divine? Isn’t it up to the Universe?

You co-create with the Universe. The Universe responds according to your choices and your vibration. You partner with it, it’s your friend.

But what if your Twin Flame is the one that ran away and denies the connection? Isn't there free will?

You and your Twin Flame share One Consciousness, which means you make the same core choices. They can’t choose differently from you. They don’t have the free will to not choose Union when you are, because you share the same will. The higher choice in alignment with Love and the Divine overrides all choices of separation. So don’t worry about what it appears or looks like your Twin Flame is choosing, if you’re choosing Harmonious Twin Flame Union at the core, so are they!

Your Twin Flame is your greatest teacher, friend, partner, and lover. As your teacher first, they function as a Divine Mirror to reflect to you your own consciousness for the purpose of purification. What many people accidentally mistake their Twin Flame as choosing separately from them, is their Twin Flame actually bringing up the blocks, patterns, and upsets that need to be healed in order to be together.

Your relationship with the Divine and with yourself is what your Twin Flame mirrors and reflects to you. The primary relationship you’re having is with Life itself, not with your Twin Flame. This is why focusing on your Twin Flame does not render the results you seek in your Union, focusing on yourself and on Life does, because that is what they reflect.

So if your Twin Flame is seemingly rejecting you, running away, disrespecting you, these are the patterns arising in your consciousness to purify within yourself. As you heal, your Twin Flame heals and the reflection you see changes. They mirror back to you your self-acceptance, respect you, and they stop running because you’ve chosen to face yourself.

You have complete command and power over your Union. Only one of you has to do the inner and spiritual work to manifest it. It’s safe to claim your power and to go-in with loving and supporting yourself. The most powerful way that you can claim your power over your Union is to equip yourself with the spiritual tools and guidance that direct and guide you straight to your Union. There’s already a path and way paved out, you save yourself a lot of time, struggle, and pain trying to figure it out on your own.

If you’re serious about your Union and sincerely desire to achieve your Harmonious Twin Flame Union in THIS lifetime, communicate this to the Universe by taking action and claiming your support. Enroll in Twin Flame Ascension School and Life Purpose Class. Soak up the Teachings of Union like a sponge, and your consciousness will come into alignment with the vibration of Harmonious Twin Flame Union. It’s an inside job. :) And you are more than capable of achieving it. 💜

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