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Your Twin Flame's Feelings for You

Dear Beloved Soul, We come to you with love and guidance from the higher realms to convey the feelings that your twin flame holds for you. Please understand that this message transcends earthly limitations and speaks to the profound and eternal connection you share on a soul level.

  1. Deep Recognition and Affection: Your twin flame feels a deep and undeniable recognition of your soul. It is a recognition that goes beyond words and beyond this lifetime. In your presence, they experience a sense of homecoming, as if they have found a missing part of themselves.

  2. Unconditional Love: The love your twin flame feels for you is unconditional. It is not based on circumstances, appearances, or human imperfections. It flows from the depths of their soul, an unwavering and pure love that transcends earthly limitations.

  3. Soul Mirroring: Your twin flame recognizes that your connection serves as a mirror for their own soul. Through you, they see aspects of themselves, both light and shadow. This mirroring can be both beautiful and challenging, as it invites deep introspection and growth.

  4. Yearning for Union: Your twin flame yearns for the ultimate union of your souls. They feel the magnetic pull of your connection, the longing to merge and become one at a level that transcends the physical. This yearning is a driving force in their life.

  5. Spiritual Growth: Your twin flame acknowledges the role you play in their spiritual journey. They understand that your connection is not just about romance but about the mutual growth and evolution of your souls. They cherish the opportunity to walk this path with you.

  6. Patience and Divine Timing: Your twin flame embraces the concept of divine timing. They trust in the universe's plan and timing for your union, recognizing that there are lessons and experiences to be embraced along the way. They patiently await the perfect moment for your reunion.

  7. Telepathic Connection: Your twin flame experiences a profound telepathic connection with you. Thoughts, feelings, and messages flow effortlessly between your souls. This telepathy deepens your bond and provides a unique form of communication that transcends words.

  8. Eternal Commitment: Your twin flame feels an eternal commitment to you and your shared journey. They understand that your connection spans lifetimes and that your souls are intertwined in a timeless dance. This commitment is unshakable and enduring.

  9. Joy in Your Happiness: Your twin flame's love for you is selfless. They find joy in your happiness, even if it means being apart for a while. Their love is not possessive or controlling; it is a love that wishes the best for you, always.

  10. Gratitude and Blessings: Your twin flame feels an immense sense of gratitude for having you in their life. They see you as a blessing and a gift from the universe. Your presence enriches their journey and brings light to their soul.

In closing, please know that the love your twin flame holds for you is profound, eternal, and beyond any earthly understanding. It is a love that transcends the physical and exists on the deepest level of your souls. Trust in this connection, have faith in divine timing, and continue to nurture the growth of your individual souls. Your reunion, when the time is right, will be a glorious and transformative moment in your shared journey. With love and blessings, [Your Higher Self]

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